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Have you been to France? (Part 4)

This would be part four, so if you missed the other ones please read them :)

In all of these posts we are focusing on "OUTSIDE OF PARIS" and "THE REAL AUTHENTIC FRANCE".

We've talked about amazing coastlines and beaches but what about the crystal clear water. Turquoise like nothing else. I mean, some fly to Barbados and others head to France! Let's be Team France, shall we? :)

île de Porquerolles

Water sports of all kind is very popular wherever you go and a lot of tourists come to France every year to practise their passion. A great and very well-known surf spot is Biarritz for example! This fantastic town has an almost Australian vibe to it, chilled, friendly, young and vibrant. Kitesurfing is a sport that has been extremely popular the last few years and you can find incredible places for this along both the Atlantic and the Mediterranean coast to practice based on your level.

Wind surfing, kayaking, swimming, sailing, SUP, snorkling or diving is just a few things this turquoise heavenly water could be good for.

Picture taken by Carl Thomson -

Another thing is to enjoy it on a boat. COME SAILING WITH US! Or rent a yacht. We can arrange it all for you, whatever you prefer.

Have a boat (with a captain and crew) for a few days and explore the coast and why not take the possibility to head over to Corsica! This beautiful island is something you just cannot miss out on!

To quote Explore France (

"It’s nicknamed the Island of Beauty for its sublime landscapes, from red cliffs plunging into turquoise waters, to stone villages clinging to mountains and dramatic gorges planted with chestnut trees. There are hidden coves, sandy beaches and craggy peninsulas"

Get Me Lost can help you with any arrangements, including your very own boat!

To contact for booking, requests or questions, press here:

Speak to you soon!


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