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Your Colleagues - Your Team - Management Group - Clients

Are you looking for something extra for your company's account? 

Maybe a getaway for the team with team building exercises, a conference for the management team or a treat for your clients. 

As we create everything completely tailored to your needs we will be able to give you the prefect mix between business and pleasure. If you want a full day of meetings and the evenings to let your hair down or if you prefer for your colleagues just to have a relaxing moment to recharge it is completely up to you.

Maybe you would like to invest in their health with a retreat or a wonderful experience in the between the vines...

Our corporate events are for small to medium size get togethers with 3-40 participants are to be preferred.

You will decide the duration of course but we would recommend between 3-6 days.

Our concept will be a fully all-inclusive offer with everything from accommodation, food, activities and a lot of fun times and laughters.

If you prefer to transport your colleagues or your clients in style we have a good relationshop with different private jet companies depending on where you are in the world. All on your terms, schedule and wallet. 

Maybe we could tempt you with something like this:



Private chalet or top hotel will give you everything you wish for (and a bit more) for your stay. We will provide you with the best culinary experiences, an all-inclusive skiing experience with ski-in/ski-out possibility, relaxing recharge with spa and a lot of teambuilding if you wish.

Doesn't matter if you prefer a dinner in an igloo, after ski in an altitude restaurant, snow yoga or snow-shoeing up a mountain to have a breakfast above the clouds when the sunrise takes place. We've got you covered!

We can fly you in with your own chartered flight or pick you up from the airport of your choice. 

Whatever you chose your will have an incredible time and your team or clients will remember this trip for a very long time!



Health: Recharge or Thrill? 

Private villa, hotel or why not let us book a chateau for you to stay in.

We focus on health of some sort and you can really give back to your colleagues with something that can boost their health, bodies and mental wellness. Example of this could be Yoga, Pilates, Personal Trainer, Hiking or why not for the more adventures kind of group maybe Downhill, Snorkling or Diving, Rafting, Climbing, Cycling.

We will have a private chef for you and why not a nutritionist ready to help and assist and nutrition related questions.

Health: Reduce burnout

This retreat will focus on the persons diet and what it does to your mental health. How does our brain react to what we eat? This is a perfect retreat if you want to help your colleagues mental health and wellness, help with burnout, stress and depression. The retreat will give each person tools to be able to live a health life in and outside of the office. Duration: 4-6 days. Suggested size: 3-10 people 

Wine and Culinary Tour: Rhone Valley

Here you can choose if you would prefer to explore the region from one end to the other or stay put. You will uncork bottles you've never heard of and taste the finest flavours. Combine the days with meetings or let us take full command and guide you through this wonderful region. Duration 3-6 days

Wine and Culinary Tour: Champagne

Is the best of the best only good enough for you company then you don't have to look further. Here we work with the finest hotel, the most beautiful sceneries and the best bubbles you could wish for. Combine it with meetings or just enjoy yourself with days of incredible activities. Duration 3-6 days. 

Wine and Culinary Tour: Alsace 

Even this region we could do from one end to the other or stay put in one place. You will have the breathtaking nature on your doorstep, breathe in the atmosphere of the Alsatian vineyards and taste the best restaurants from local specialities to Michelin starts. We will make the perfect blend of business and pleasure for you.

Duration 3-6 days.



Cars and Racing: Grand Prix Monaco

Take the incredible opportunity to bring your team to the French Riviera and Monaco in May and watch the race from your private terrace overlooking the course. This can also be combined with your own yacht or why not helicopter transfer.

We will make sure you have a full all-inclusive arrangement with a beautiful private fully staffed villa or hotel, restaurant reservations and other activities for your guest. Who doesn't want to be in the middle of the thrill and experience this fantastic event?

This arrangement can be arranged for Grand Prix, E-Prix or Historic Grand Prix.

Duration 3-5 days.


Corporate Events

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