Themes and Inspiration

This is the fun part 

Any of the below themes are suggestions and can be used for your trip, it doesn't matter if you are a couple, a group of friends, your team at work or why not to celebrate an important milestone or birthday.
As we have the best wedding planners or event managers in the area on hand we happily take care of arrangements like that too and will make it beyond special from the day you arrive to France until you leave.

Our speciality is smaller and more intimate.

Under the tab "Unique Offers" you can find organised, completely all-inclusive smaller group trips with different themes. Click here to find them.


Taste Me

This theme is for someone who loves anything culinary, someone who loves to get to know a culture with your nose and mouth. 
This could be anything from tasting, cooking, making, eating and drinking.


Adrenaline Rush

This is for someone who wants an adrenaline rush. This could be anything from activities in the air, up or down a mountain, on the road or in or on the sea. 


Art Me Up

This is for someone who loves art in all its forms. Maybe you want to go from gallery to gallery or maybe you prefer to know the history and story about the artist or why not create something yourself. 


Breathe In - Breathe Out

This is for someone who really need to relax, disconnect to reconnect and really take care of your mind and body in its truest form.
This could be anything from yoga, different treatments, hiking, meditation and breathing, nutrition or healthy eating to a full retreat with a mixture.


City Slick

Maybe you prefer to stay in a city where you have the closeness to bars, restaurants, nightlife and shopping. 


Wild Explorer - Motorcycle

This theme is designed for you who want to ride a motorcycle. 
I will plan your roadmaps and itinerary and you will enjoy the beautiful views and just soak it in. Get Me Lost is teaming up with MotorBikeTrips in Nice for rental of a wide range of fantastic bikes.

Free Yourself - Go Wild

You do not need to pick a theme of course.

I could make an itinerary completely based on your interest and hobbies. 
It will be exactly what you want it to be, maybe a very specific hobby or a happy mix of all of it. This is your holiday and my aim is to make it perfect for You.


Wedding or Celebrations

Let Get Me Lost create the best ever company trip for you.

Read more about it HERE

Unique Offers are a concept where we build a package with a theme and you collect your friends and come as a small private group. 
I will customise the trip after your groups interests, needs and wishes. Maybe you're celebrating something or just want to go away together and have some quality time and create fantastic memories. My aim is that you will all feel like kings and queens and have an unforgettable moment.

A Unique Offer will always have your own private accommodation, all meals and drinks included, all excursions and activities included and private transportation at destination.
You can always count on that these arrangements are really extraordinary with as much included as possible for you. 
Every customer and planned itinerary is special, individual and carefully arranged to be extraordinary, whatever that means for You.

Are you getting married? Big birthday coming up? Is it time to celebrate something extraordinary?

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