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Have you been to France?

This is Part 1 - Welcome!

As most of my requests comes from people on a different continent the first question is often "Have you been to France before?".

Most of the people replying will say "Yes, I've been to France, I've been to Paris" or "Yes, I've been to Paris but didn't really like it so I'm not sure I want to go back to France"... or "No, I've never been but what else is there to see outside of Paris?"

These posts will be all about "OUTSIDE OF PARIS" or "THE AUTHENTIC REAL FRANCE".

The truth is that France is still one of the most visited country and Paris one of the most visited city in the world!

And even though I believe the Marketing team for Paris should get the nobel prize or something for the incredible world-known brand they've manage to create for the City of Love, there are so much more outside of this city to experience.

Let's explore it!

Did you know there are over 32.000 little villages in France? That is an insane amount! And all of them have their own little characteristics, charm, local restaurants and views of life. Most likely they also have their own mayor and Hôtel de Ville haha (and no, this is not a regular hotel).

What you will find when you step in to the world of a new village is the sense of calm, especially in the very small ones, the time has stopped but the passion for the French language, the culinary treats and the history lives on and will gladly be shared with whoever wants to listen.

Potentially you will need a bit of French but otherwise charades, gestures, a big smile and an open body language goes a long way.

The small and narrow streets all have stories to tell, the colours of the houses has a history and for the older generation this might be where they lived their whole life! Why change a winning concept?

Tag someone you would like to travel to France with!

To contact for booking, requests or questions, press here:

Speak to you soon!

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