Unique Offers

Without telling you too much I would say that this is where the magic happens.

Get Me Lost will create a few really special Unique Offers per year.

A Unique Offer are made to stand out from the crowd and because we only make them one time there is no one else that will have the same experience as you. You are special and we will make sure you feel that way.
Unique Offers is a specially made, one week long, all-inclusive arrangement in with different themes.

All prices shown below is based on a certain amount of people.
The prices are indicated with 25% VAT. We reserve the right to recalculate if needed for your country or the requested amount of people.

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03-08 April 2023

Wine Me Up - ALSACE

I am so excited to finally present this wine and culinary trip to Alsace for this October AND April.

We are doing this together with professional sommelier Patricia Hedge and if you read the blog post about her you know that this is her very own region where she comes from. That makes this trip extremely special and there are so much to show, too much to taste and too many things to visit so we will actually do this trip two times.

One time in October (11-16th) and another one in April (3-8th).

This is an adventure for anyone that lives and gladly travels for fantastic food and amazing wine.

You will be spoiled with everything from local specialities to a few Michelin stars.

And with a private sommelier by your side I can promise you that the wine will be incredible!

You will get a good knowledge of the area, culture and history together with breathtaking scenery, nature and villages.

Dates: 11-16 OCTOBER 2022


Spaces: 6 adults

Type: All-inclusive

Dates: 03-08 APRIL 2023


Spaces: 6 adults

Type: All-inclusive

Included: Hotels with breakfast, all restaurants with food and drinks, all excursions, all activities, all tastings, on-site transportation, private sommelier, 24/7 assistance.  

Price for a private double room:

EUR 3676 

Price per person for shared double room:

EUR 3021


Prices are per person. Prices are with vat.

Wine Decanter
Colmar, Alsace, France. Petite Venice, water canal and traditional half timbered houses. C
French choucroute garnie of sour cabbage with smoked bacon, pork loin, sausages potato and
Skärmavbild 2022-09-03 kl. 10.51.53.png
Nutritional Cooking
Roasted Carrots
Green Goodness

26 February - 04 March 2023

Nutritional Mindfulness

Nutrition, Body & Mind Retreat

I am very proud to present this incredible retreat for the end of February 2023.

If you suffer from example a burnout and the symptoms that comes with it like stress, depression, anxiety, sleep deprivation, lack of energy or difficult to concentrate or focus then this could be a retreat for you.

With the last two years of our life being somewhat strange in all meanings of that word, we have created a retreat that will focus on Nutrition and the connection it has to your mental wellness and you body.

Now is a great time to invest in yourself, your health and your future and by joining us for this week you will get tools to take home that can help you through your daily life, not just to cope but to get better and get back up on your feet again. 

This is not a retreat for weight loss or training boot camp. This is a retreat for you to understand yourself, your body and your mind and how it's all connected.

On site we have four very skilled practitioners who are all experts in their field and specialise in helping people through different stage of life.

It will be a packed schedule during the week filled with individual private sessions, group sessions and seminars.

You will learn from seeing, touching, tasting, making, thinking and moving.

We focus on the ingredients of a varied diet and help you to understand why that is good for your mind and body and what the different ingredients can do for you.

You will leave with a deeper understanding of yourself, plenty of tools to continue your life and meal plans tailored specifically for You.


Arrival and departure will be during the weekend and the villa will be ready for you one day before and one day after the retreat itself, this is included in the price.


Dates: 5 DAYS - 27 Feb to 03 March 2023

Arrival: Sunday 26 FEBRUARY

Departure: Saturday 04 MARCH

Suitable for: 8 people

Price: EUR 2687 

Type: All inclusive

Arrival Airport: Nice, France


Read about the practitioners and their part in this retreat by clicking here.

Beautiful Sunset
Eggplant Parmesan

Photo: Carl Thomson - www.carltphoto.com

Pasta with wine

17-23 April 2023

The Italian Explorer 
Wild Explorer Motorcycle

Even though Get Me Lost normally focus fully on France, this little adventure of pure goodness is being kept in Italy because... well...it's Italy!

We return to make yet another incredible adventure. The roads, the incredible scenery and the Italian kitchen will welcome you with open arms.

We keep our wonderful spa hotel where you will be able to find rest between the mountain walls in this beautiful little village. You will also have access to the spa every day to give any tired muscles much needed love. 

This time around we made the group smaller to keep it intimate and to be able to really give each one of you an incredible time. Therefore there are only 6 spaces up for grab!

This is an all-inclusive Culinary Motorcycle week where your motorcycle rental, hotel with breakfast, spa, all lunches and dinners, road master, maps and 24/7 assistance, all activities and at destination transportation is included. 
You will be fully taken care of from start to finish by us.

Dates: 17-23 April 2023

Arrival airport: Nice, France

Suitable for: 6 bikers

Price per person: EUR 3540 (750/850 GS)

EUR 3872 (1250 GS)

Not included: Flights to/from Nice and petrol


3-7 May 2023


This is finally happening!

We have created an incredible once-in-a-lifetime tour in Champagne for you with the best spa hotel, we picked the best menus, a wide range of bubbles to be tasted during this week and breathtaking sceneries.  


We really didn't hold back on this one and have picked the best hotel we could find, Loisium Champagne, where you will be able to recharge your batteries while overlooking the open landscape of vines every morning when you wake up. The hotel also has an incredible spa that you can enjoy every day. 

Each room has a 180cm bed and is suitable for two people to share.


Everything during these days is included in the price as usual!

We have handpicked all menus, all Michelin stars, all bubbles and tastings, all activities and excursions for you so that this will be a week you will never forget!

There will be more bubbles than you can count and we have chosen a great variety between big famous names to smaller more exclusive producers. 

Whatever you want to call this: couples therapy / a want-need holiday / BFF trip / ME-time, you really, really need to come.

We are determined to make this the best week of your life!

Your personal sommelier Patricia Hedge will be joining and guiding you for the whole week for you to have all the knowledge, information and the best of the best at all time.

If you want to read about Patricia and her long experience please do that here.  


You will have two options, one long and one short stay. The longer stay includes two extra nights in the hotel for a relaxed arrival/depart.


Type: All-inclusive

Suitable for: 6 adults

Arrival airport: PARIS and then approx 2h train or 180km by rental car to Mutigny.


Dates: 3 - 7 May 2023 (5 full days)

Tour starts: 10.00 the 03rd of May.

Price per person: EUR 4254 (shared)

Private room solo traveller: EUR 5254


Dates: 2 - 8 May (tour is 3-7 May)

Price per person: EUR 4604 (shared)

Private room solo traveller: EUR 5954


Included in the price: 

Accommodation for 4 or 6 nights, spa, all meals and restaurants, all tastings and tours, all excursions and activities, all at destination transportation, private sommelier and 24/7 assistance.

Not included: Flights/trains/rental car to get to the event. Your meals on the 02 May. Treatments in the spa is paid on site. Travel insurance.

6 Things You Didn't Know About Champagne (But Should).jpeg
A Wine Lover's Guide to Visiting Champagne France • Winetraveler_edited.jpg
Tuscany Hot Air Balloon Flight.jpeg

Other Unique Offers in pipeline:

Taste Me - RHÔNE VALLEY - Wine and Culinary - SUMMER 2023

A 7 day tour of the Rhône Valley to explore both the culinary and the fantastic world of wine.

If you have an interest in this please write on the Contact page

F1 - Private balcony in MONACO - May 2023

A long weekend made exclusively for your friends to enjoy the Formula 1 in Monaco with the best view from your own private terrace.

If you have an interest in this please write on the Contact page

Art Me Up - PHOTOGRAPHY - 2022 /2023

A 4 day photography work shop.

Studio - Fashion - Nature - Lifestyle - Underwater - we can customise it after your preferences.

If you have an interest in this please write on the Contact page

Wild Explorer - Motorcycle FRANCE - SUMMER 2023

A 5-7 day trip planned in France for 6-8 people. This trip will also be completely all inclusive and you will be able to indulge in the French culinary world.

If you have an interest in this please write on the Contact page