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We will only give you the best


Get Me Lost believe in small, intimate and personalised. 

Our joy is to create something so personalised and special for you and your group that you never want to go back to regular travel again! As a travel concierge I listen to your needs and give you exactly what you wish for.

You can use the concierge services to make your stay perfect. We deliver everything from just a list of services to full 24/7 on-site service for any villa, apartment or yacht located in France.

You could also get inspired by some of the previous arrangements below and request for your private group.

The example of arrangements below are always all inclusive and we will try and fit in as much incredible experiences in you package as possible! We don't hold back, that's for sure!

All arrangements can be modified and customised to include more or less when you come as a private group. 


We reserve the right to recalculate if needed for your country or the requested amount of people.


Take your time to read and if you have any questions then click on the chat window and write me a message or on the contact page.

Health retreat

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Image by kike vega
Nutritional Cooking
Image by Toomas Tartes

Nutritional Mindfulness

Nutrition, Body & Mind Retreat

It is time to focus on You now. We will focus on all of the things that are going on inside your head, your heart, your gut. Maybe your mind is restless or too tired or maybe your joints hurt way too much than what they should.

We will create a retreat for you and your private group in the south of France which will be fully customised to your needs and interests.

Our aim is for you to leave with a calm mind and body, a greater understanding about why you are where you are and how you can improve your bodily health and your mental health. We will give you tools that you can take back home and use for the rest of your life to keep you balanced and with a calm mind.

This is a great time to invest in You and your future health.


During this week we will focus on your energy levels, concentration and to get you back up on your feet again. 

You may (or may not) suffer already from a burnout, stress, depression, anxiety, sleep deprivation, lack of energy or difficult to concentrate or focus then this would be a retreat for you.


Length: 4 to 7 days

Suitable for: 3 to 10 people

Type: All inclusive 

Language: English

We will build these days after your needs and the following are examples of what could be requested to be included:

Nutritionist, Personal Trainer, Pilates, Yoga, Swimming, Water gymnastics, Hiking, Cycling, Cooking classes, Movement Therapy, Hormone Therapy and much more.

Nutritional Mindfulness Retreat

Wine Tours


Are you into Wine and would love to learn more, deeper your already great knowledge or explore something new?

Any of our private wine tours can be customised according to your needs and requests, knowledge level and understanding of this beautiful world.

This is an adventure for anyone that live and gladly travels for fantastic food and amazing wine.

You will be spoiled with everything from local specialities to a few Michelin stars.

You will have a private sommelier by your side who will help you, guide you and introduce you to something new hopefully.

You will get a good knowledge of the area of your choice, culture and history together with breathtaking scenery, nature and villages.

Group size: 2 to 16 people

Length: 1 to 7 days

Price: On request and based on the arrangement (average 5 day tour €3000-7000 per person)

Included: Accommodation, Tastings, Restaurants, Guide, Private Sommelier

Focus on any topic you would like: 

A colour, A specific grape, A specific year, a specific pairing item (ex: cheese, duck, truffles). Or why not the smallest appellations, the most exclusive or the oldest. 

Who are you then?

A couple, a group of friends, colleagues, team exercise, birthday or something fun for a wedding party. 

Wine Me Up - ALSACE

Motorcycle Tour

Beautiful Sunset

Photo: Carl Thomson -

On the Road

The Wild Explorer

If you are just like me and love to explore a region on two wheels? I love to find the smaller roads and visit the most charming little villages. The freedom of being able to stop anywhere and soak up the atmosphere, culture and have lunch in the sun with a local glass of chilled rosé is what life should be all about.

We organise both guided and self-guided tours in the south of France and Italy for your group of friends.

Starting point: Nice

Group size: 4 to10 people

Length: 4 to15 days

Type: All-inclusive

Models to rent: BMW, Harley Davidson, Ducati, Honda, Royal Enfield, Triumph, Guzzi.

So who are you?

You have a full A licence for a heavy motorcycle for a minimum of two years. 

You love to travel and explore. 

You have an understanding that the traffic situation in France and Italy will most likely be a bit wilder than what you are used to from home.

What is included?

Motorcycle rental, accommodation, all restaurants, guide x2, maps, activities and excursions. We will also create incredible film and photos for you to bring back.

If you are located in Europe you could ride down here with your private motorcycle and we will arrange everything else for you. 


Motorcycle Italy

The best of the best - CHAMPAGNE

Is the very best only good enough for you?

Do you love when something is exclusively created for you? Do you prefer something unique that no one else have done?

France most famous region, the home of the golden bubbles.

We have created an incredible tour in Champagne for you with the best and most exclusive spa hotel, we picked the best menus in the most incredible restaurants and a wide range of the most exclusive bubbles to be tasted during this week.


The hotel you will be staying at is the Loisium Champagne, where you will be able to recharge your batteries while overlooking the open landscape of vines every morning when you wake up. The hotel also has an incredible spa that you can enjoy every day. 

Each room has a 180cm bed and is suitable for two people to share.


Everything during these days is included in the price as usual!

Included in the price:

  • Hotel 

  • Breakfast

  • Transfer from/to the train station

  • All restaurants 

  • All tastings 

  • All ground transportation during the tour

  • All excursions

  • All activities 

  • Private sommelier

  • 24/7 assistance 

Your personal sommelier Patricia Hedge will be joining and guiding you for the whole week for you to have all the knowledge, information and the best of the best at all time.

Length: 3 to 7 days

Type: All-inclusive

Group size: 2 to 10 people

Arrival airport: PARIS and then approx 2h train or 180km by rental car to Mutigny.

Price: price range between €3700-8700 per person

If you prefer to fly in with helicopter or private jet, please let us know.

We are determined to make this the best week of your life!

6 Things You Didn't Know About Champagne (But Should).jpeg
Tuscany Hot Air Balloon Flight.jpeg

Would you like to leave your home for a week or longer in France. 

We arrange a beautiful villa for you where you can work away from home while enjoying the sun, the sea and the wonderful French life for the duration of your choice.

This can be arranged for any group between 4-12 people.


We could arrange a week for you and your group with your private yoga teacher.

This could be combined with a workation, yoga in the mornings before work.

This can be arranged for any group between 4-12 people.


A 4 day photography work shop.

Studio - Fashion - Nature - Lifestyle - Underwater. 

We will customise it after your preferences and what you would like to learn.

This can be arranged for any group between 3-8 people.


A 5 to 7 day long motorcycle trip planned in France. This trip will also be completely all inclusive and you will be able to indulge in the French culinary world, beautiful scenery and roads from mountains to sea.

This can be arranged for any group from 2-8 people.


Whatever floats your boat they say.

We can arrange for any of these events for you and your group.

You will have an all inclusive product with accommodation, transport, activities, dining etc...  

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