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Have you been to France? (part 3)

This will be post number three, if you've missed the others please read them :)

These posts have all focused on "OUTSIDE OF PARIS" or "THE REAL AUTHENTIC FRANCE".

The clip below is filmed in Jura which is just north of Geneva (Switzerland). France and Switzerland have an odd border around lake Geneva.

Jura is famous for a lot of things but in my very cheesy world for one thing specific - Comté! This marvellous, delicious, nutty hard cheese from heaven.

Another cheese which is from here is Morbier, this one is very easy to recognise as it has a layer of ash in the middle. This one is actually made from Comté and it's originally made with the half batch left from the evening curd in the bottom and the half batch from the morning curd the day after on the top with ashes in between. That means there will never be a Morbier the same as another!

I don't know why I started to talk about cheese all the sudden but as an old cheese monger that's how life goes sometimes! :)

I know I'm not alone in this world to absolutely LOVE cheese! In my case it's all shapes and forms, one doesn't like to discriminate... so I eat it all! :D I know there are many other countries who make incredible cheese, in fact one of my favourite hard cheese from a different country is Isle of Mull. Try it if you can find it! Delicious!

Anyway, one of the reasons I love the grocery stores in France is because of the cheese counter. HOLY COW! Or goat! Or even sheep! This is the kind of Heaven I believe in.

The reason to why I know I am not alone with my passion is because in the good old days as a cheese monger on Northcote Road in London we got A LOT of requests for a cheese wedding cakes instead of a regular wedding cake for peoples weddings! This is basically a savoury wedding cake made up of different sized whole cheeses, stacked on top of each other, to make up the shape of a wedding cake! Genius, right?

As I have said before, France is full of new regions and departments to explore, one more beautiful than the last one. Every region has their own quirks, special cheese and delicious things to taste (click through the photos below). And this is not even to mention the wine!

I would probably say that the most beautiful region, in terms of nature, for me might be where Occitanie meets Nouvelle Aquitaine in the south. The nature and the landscape reminds me about New Zealand!

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