About Me


Tourism for me is everything.
Travel for me is not just a hobby, 
it's a passion and a lifestyle as much as a mindset and the endless curiosity for new places, cultures as well as people, languages and to be able to explore through food for me is pure magic.




                 Secret Travel or Surprise Travel is a known and recognised concept all over the world, with most of the companies based in North America but also Asia and Europe but in general focusing on a young and budget traveller. This is not the case for Get Me Lost.

Get Me Lost is now bringing this fantastic concept to the European and Scandinavian market to start with and will differentiate itself from all of the other companies by delivering a much more exclusive and luxurious product that allows you to indulge and fully be taken care of from the time you arrive to when you take off again. 
As a Travel Concierge I want my customer to feel heard, seen and understood to the fullest and even though you will not know what is planned for you but trust me, you will feel calm, excited and intrigued all at once.

My aim is to give you your dream holiday and I hope that you will love France just as much as I do after your trip. 
All in the name of secrecy.


Photo: Carl Thomson Photography - www.carltphoto.com

I started to work in tourism in 1999 in Stockholm and already from that time I knew that this was the industry for me.

Fast forwarding until today I have been travelling numerous laps around the globe, living abroad in different countries and I've been able to be working in an international setting for most of my life. 


My personal life is filled with food, the sea and sun and an excessive amount of hours riding my two motorcycles.

I am a person who loves life and make sure I take advantage of being able to live it to the fullest.


My educational background in tourism comes from Université de Geneve in Switzerland, Pro Nordic in Stockholm, Sweden, IATA and Amadeus.

After 20+ years of experience from tourism, high end customer service and sales I've developed fantastic skills, knowledge but more important an enormous passion which I am now excited to be able to share with you.

Sara Serenander

CEO - Founder and Creator

Get Me Lost AB