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Have you been to France? (part 2)


If you didn't read the first post, please do! :)

The coastline of France is absolutely stunning and breathtaking in so many ways. The untouched areas are my favourites where the nature travels all the way down to the sea, uninterrupted by buildings and towns. Untouched, pure nature which have the extremes of both worlds, the hot sunshine and the winds from the sea.

The Atlantic coast have so much more extreme beauty with the steep, white cliffs and more aggressive nature. It has an "I can take care of myself"-attitude over itself and you cannot be in awe of mother nature and her self confidence which is clearly much better that your own! :D

The Mediterranean coast, has a much more familiar sense to it. Not to say the Atlantic coast doesn't have beautiful beaches but some of the beaches on the south coast are incredible! Just to name a couple; the coast outside of Narbonne (the secret Riviera of the south) gives you La Franqui, St Cyprien Plage or Leucate Plage or if you follow the coast east of Montpellier you will find Carnon plage or l'Espiguette which is by far my favourite!

You will find plenty of little costal villages and towns all there to give you the best of their regional specialities and hospitality!

One of the local specialities you will find in the little town Sète (the Venice of France) is for example La Teille.

It's a savoury pie with cooked octopus and tomato sauce. I know it sounds strange, but definitely worth a try!

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