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Why France?

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

I am introducing a blog to this website and I will use the first post to introduce myself and my company and why I've chosen to work with France.

This blog will be used to write about some of the fantastic people I've chosen to work with, the fantastic entrepreneurs that makes this company unique in so many ways.

Why France?

I have spent a lot of time in France for different reason during my life. My first memories was when my father worked with the Cannes Film Festival when I was little, kindergarten age. My mother and I stayed for a few weeks enjoying and exploring the area while he was working. I think in total he did it for 12 years.

Fast forwarding to the last decade. In 2012 I started to work for Air France and Paris became a frequent part of my life, mostly because travelling to far off places became something of a habit and something I did more often than some change underwear!

So far I've lived in four different parts of France and also studied Aviation Management in Geneva, Switzerland.

I love this country with everything it has to offer. The food, the culture, architecture, the ridiculously hard language, the mountains, the roads and the sea. It is truly spectacularly breathtaking. And this is what my aim is to show You.

I want to show you what you can find behind the famous cities and monuments.

During the pandemic I moved myself and my laptop to France, "work from home" they said... Well, "Home" is where the laptop is so France instead of Stockholm was a given.

After so many years of working with various products where the customer only want to pay peanuts but expect the world in return I wanted (and needed) something else. I needed to create a brand where everyone involved felt valued and important.

I created Get Me Lost because I wanted to work with a clientele that values exceptional service and understand that that has a price. I know this sounds strange and blunt for many, but some of you will understand exactly what I mean. When I create a package for a client I will use the best suppliers and companies that your budget allows me to use. My catalogue only contains incredible local entrepreneurs and the list is long and the people on that list is the best in their field. They all decide their prices for their services and I will never ask them to push down their rates.

Their experience and knowledge should be acknowledged.

Get Me Lost is a Travel Concierge Service.

I build a fully bespoke experience for you, made after your needs, wishes and interests.

To make it completely unique Get Me Lost are working with the concept of Secret Travel. That means that everything that is planned for your trip will be a surprise. The good kind of surprise.

Are you ready for it?

Do you have any questions? Press here.

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Wish you a very good luck with the BNB - Businees and blog 😀

best regards

Stefan Eng

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