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Dream Stay with Sea Sun Rentals

When I first moved down to the South of France I stumbled upon Sea Sun Rentals as it popped up in my social media feed one day. After a bit of research I found out that it was run by Susanne Berch, a fellow Swedish woman residing in Monaco.

When my own company was in the making and still on the drawing board I contacted Susanne to pitch my idea, to hear about her business but also to see how we could work together in the future.

I am now very proud to be able to look through her catalogue of amazing properties for my clients as I know she would never deliver anything short of amazing and breathtaking.

1) Hi Susanne, to start this post off about you and your company I would love if you could give us a brief presentation of your company.

Hi Sara, yes of course! I am running property renting business called Sea Sun Rentals and we are working with beautiful properties in Monaco but also on the French and Italian rivieras. In France we cover the area from Sainte-Maxime to Menton, on the Italian side from Ventimiglia to Bordighera and also in the Ligurian mountains.

My job is not only to provide you with accommodation but something more in line with your dream stay.

2) Please tell us how your company started, what made you choose to get into property management?

My journey begun with that I started "Stockholm Guesthouse" in 2000. When I moved down to the French Riviera, it was natural for me to continue with property management and therefor I started Sea Sun Rentals. I felt it was a privilege to live and stay on the French Riviera and wanted to convey the feeling to others.

Susanne Berch, CEO of Sea Sun Rentals
Susanne Berch, CEO of Sea Sun Rentals

3) For someone that doesn’t know, what is a property manager? What is your role?

My role is to mediate accommodation, whether it is for a short getaway, business trip, honeymoon or a full on vacation.

I feel privileged to be able to provide the exact property from my portfolio that the client is looking for. You can say that I am like a property matchmaker!

Your contact will be directly with me, not with any booking robot.

4) The competition is insane in this field and this area. What are your strongest personal assets that makes you and your company stand out? I know my properties and the areas.

The portfolio is as diverse as in how each property comes with their own characteristics, services and are able to suit any number of requirements and budget ranges.

Susanne Berch, CEO of Sea Sun Rentals
Susanne Berch, CEO of Sea Sun Rentals

And how does your personality reflect in the company?

I only work with properties that I know and can stand for, there should be positive, chic, sexy and fun vibes all the way.

5) How many properties do you currently have in your portfolio and what makes you choose to represent a certain property?

At the time of writing, we have 23 properties on the website and there are around another 28 properties that have not yet been published on the website. When I look at a property, it is important that I know that I can work with it and with the owner.

In the past I have actually turned down fantastic properties many times because it didn't work out. I trust my experience and intuition. The aim of the game is all about giving the customers value for money and that they should have a good time during their stay.

6) If we look at this from a customers point of view, what can someone expect if they decide to rent a property from you?

They can expect honesty, clean accommodation, correct prices and that everything will run smoothly from booking to check-out.

7) I understand that you have a big network of services you can provide for the customer if they need anything extra, could you give me some examples of requests you’ve had that stood out a bit?

There are two events in particular that have etched themselves in my memory, The first one was a family from the Middle East that rented one of my luxury properties and they wanted fresh eggs for breakfast. I then drove over to the Italian side every morning and picked up eggs at a small farm outside Pigna and delivered personally.

Or the time when another family from New York rented a fantastic villa, and we were asked to arrange a children's party for their 5 year old daughter. I organised the balloons, arranged with flowers and decorated the table beautifully and picked up the cake that I had ordered. I will never forget her happy twinkling eyes when she saw the cake.

But then of course, if you want a Ferrari or a Fiat? Tickets to an event or dinner at a restaurant? A yacht or a romantic boat trip? I will do my outmost to provide that service for you as well.

This breathtaking private villa is a part of Sea Sun Rentals portfolio

8) Why did you choose to work with and be a part of Get Me Lost and what do you think you can bring to the table that will really stand out for my customers? I got fantastic vibes from Sara and concept of Secret Travel that Get Me Lost provides. I know that we can do something good and beautiful together to make people happy.

If you would like to check out what properties Susanne has to offer then you can find her website here -

Or contact Susanne on this page:

If you book directly with her then please give this code at the time of booking to get extra super service - SSRGML2022

Private terrace overlooking the French Riviera. Available from Sea Sun Rentals

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