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Superyacht or Corporate Wellness

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

Some people would say "If you gonna do it, then do it properly", right?

Reni Horvath, who is the very talented female entrepreneur behind Balance & Core and also the person we will talk about in this blog post, really demonstrate that if you put your mind to something it will happen. If someone is "doing it properly", it's her.

Reni is someone I very much look up to in terms of entrepreneurship.

And what does she do? She teaches yoga on superyachts!

The first time I met Reni was at a Business Club Côte d'Azur coffee event in the south of France. There she was, sweet, smiley, laidback and very calm and gave me a business card. I, who normally talks too much and are everywhere at the same time (both in body and mind) thought to myself "oh, I like her, she has a very calming energy".

But enough about me, let's talk about her!

Hi Reni, could you please introduce yourself and what is it that you do?

Tell us a bit more about you and how you ended up in France?

I think that what's more interesting is what kept me here. It's been five years since I moved to


It's the 7th country where I reside, and I believe I dropped anchors (no pun intended) and stayed. 

It is fantastic to have the sea and the mountains in such proximity; however, to build up a life

here wouldn't simply be enough for me to just enjoy the landscape. 

I met a fantastic group of entrepreneurs and digital nomads here. The international community

inspired me personally and professionally. Simply said, the environment aligned with my

values and future goals.

Tell me more about Balance & Core and how did you get into this field?

Balance & Core works with private and corporate clients. 

We create tailored well-being programs, including movement, yoga, pilates, mindfulness,

breath-work techniques and educational seminars. 

The name came together by my mantra. We must endure external forces through well-

founded stability, balance, and strength from within our core. 

Balance & Core started in my university years. I've always been passionate about two fields - wellness and linguistics. I studied health improvement management, applied linguistics, and later anthropology side-to-side at the university. When not on courses, I received the dean's permission to learn from a distance and to be able to work with holiday resorts, where I was responsible for a health and wellness program. 

Health and movement have always been among my core values. Being authentic comes

through living the life I preach and through lifelong learning. 

It might sound odd to simultaneously be a lecturer and an entrepreneur in two different fields.

However, cross-cultural communication helps me work with a private clientele from around

the world, and what I learn continuously I adapt to my academic courses.

So, just for the record and because they are so many, I think we should name some of your titles!

Sure, here are some of them...

Health and Wellness Coach, 

Health Improvement Manager

Personal trainer - Group fitness instructor

Mat Pilates Instructor

RYT-500 Yoga instructor

What kind of clients do you normally work with and how could it look like if someone

wants to book you?

Although I genuinely enjoyed teaching large classes at studios at the beginning of my career, I

had to make the hard choice of saying no, and today my niche is to work with private clients. 

I've received corporate inquiries since 2014, when workplace wellness wasn't as widespread

and well-known as it is today. I then started working with banks and universities in the form

of office movement programs and workshops. 

When I moved to the south of France, yachting, private resorts, and villa guests became part

of my clientele. The ports of Antibes, Cannes, and Monaco are the largest in the area, and early on I started to receive requests for individual sessions and wellness charters. 

After receiving bookings, I start with an initial call to understand my future clients needs and

goals. If needed, I contact health professionals like my client's doctor, nutritionist, or

physiotherapist. At holiday resorts and onboard superyachts, I review the venue and the

equipment beforehand to make the sessions a memorable event.

Do you only work in France or do you travel to other countries for your clients? For example if someone wants you for a retreat or a yacht in a different country.

Yes, I am working worldwide. In the South of France, I deliver sessions and shorter events.

From a few days of seminars to a two weeks private retreat, I am available to meet my clients at their desired location. 

This summer, for example, I spent three weeks in Fiji, accompanying a yacht charter. Every

season is different, there are the typical charter destinations here in the South of France and the Italian coast, and new less-visited, quite adventurous charter itineraries are becoming popular to onboard explorer yachts.

What does a wellness charter look like? 

It is not to be compared to a regular gym or yoga studio session. 

The exclusive location and the time I can dedicate to my clients, enable me to create a

wellness experience onboard. If I accompany the whole journey, guests can

establish a new healthy routine or maintain their habits. 

The venue and the theme of the sessions depend on the destination and the charter itinerary. I can set up my yoga shala at the helipad, and we start the day with a sunrise yoga practice.

Other days, we move to a secret beach spot or challenge guests and core muscles with a sweaty workout on a SUP board.

What is the most exciting event you have ever done? The one you looked most forward

to do?

Do you know the TV show Married at First Sight? I did a couples-yoga practice with the

newly-weds. It was their first encounter after the wedding on their honeymoon here in the

South of France. I organised a beach-side venue and guided them through an exciting practice

to learn about each other without words. 

On another occasion, I practiced breath-work and yoga on the way to Kilimanjaro. It is not a

remarkably enduring route. However, ascending to nearly 6000m within a few days can pay

its toll on one's body. Local guides joined me every day for practice as we reached the next

camp. It was a fun activity together to get our bodies ready for high altitude.

How did you hear about Get Me Lost and how do you think you can be of service for my customers?

Sara and I met in 2021 at a Business Club Côte d'Azur event. 

On our first chat, I had a great feeling about her. A video call followed this, and several other

meetups later, here we are; she kindly asked me to do this interview.   

We both believe in creating an unforgettable experience for our clients. It can be a relax and

reset retreat, an energising movement session, or a fun corporate teambuilding workshop, I

am here to make it happen.

Reni Horvath | Balance & Core


+33 6 95 40 42 47

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