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Nutritional Mindfulness

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

Food. Nutrition. Fuel. This necessary little detail that some love and others hate, and some people has a love-hate relationship to it.

Do you think there is a link between what you eat and how you feel? Is there a link between what you eat and the quality of your sleep or your thoughts. Is there a link between what you eat and how your skin looks? Is there a link between what you eat and your energy, your focus or your concentration? Can your food play a part and help you when you have hormonal changes?

And the last question... Is there a link between what you eat and your body, how it can move, your aches and pains, illness or allergy or your bodily performance?

Did you answer Yes to anything?

If you are that person who already have mastered the art of recognising what your body need and already live that way then I salute you, you have taken the time to (re)evaluate what You need to be Your perfect and Your happy self.

Unfortunately majority of us have not. Most likely we are aware of that "Sure I probably should eat a bit better not to be so tired/hyper/lifeless/perform better"..... But it takes empowerment within yourself to take the step and the time to understand exactly what YOU need for your body, because there is no "normal" or "one size fits all"... We are all unique, and we need a unique plan.

I have chosen to dedicate this blog post to four incredible women who work with exactly this. They look at You and identify exactly what You need in the most wholesome and holistic way.

We are currently creating a retreat dedicated to the part of understanding what you eat and how it will effect your mind and body.

Personally, I have been through a lot and for me to potentially be able to help someone that suffers, even if it is only one of the things what I've gone through such as: burnout, depression, anxiety, ADHD with difficulties of concentration and focus, life long allergies, IBS symtoms, stress syndrome, my body feels like it's falling apart, everything hurts and to top it off I was born with a skin condition! Haha I really hit the jackpot on the wheel of life, didn't I?

The details of the retreat are at the bottom of this post but please take the time to read about these four super-skilled, intelligent and knowledgeable women involved in creating the retreat together with me. They deserve all the credit in the world!


Let's start introducing you to the first nutritionist, Monika Searle, Nutritionist and Health & Wellness Coach.

I am a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Health and Wellness Coach. I specialise in brain health and mental health. I help people who struggle with “foggy” and “tired” mind, anxiety and rollercoaster emotions or depression to find more energy, focus and drive so they can once again fully enjoy the things they used to do with new vitality and a sharp mind that stays that way until the end. I do that through combination of coaching, personalised nutrition and lifestyle recommendations that are unique to them and fit around their schedule.

What will be your focus during this Nutritional Mindfulness Retreat in February?

Monika Searle, Nutritionist

I will be one of the two nutritionists that will be working at the retreat. During the retreat I will be focusing on the powerful connection between the food, gut and the brain and how what you eat affects how you feel. There will be educational and practical workshops that will teach you how you can become more resilient to stress, avoid burnout and optimise your mental health through nutrition and lifestyle changes. During the cooking workshops we will be looking at specific foods that you can implement into your diet for brain power, mental clarity and to minimise the risk of cognitive decline. I will also design a 2-week meal plans specifically tailored to you, your likes and dislikes to help you keep up the good work after the retreat.


The second Nutritionist joining us is Christine Kjeldbjerg who has an incredibly long and fruitful cv!

Hi Christine, lovely to have you with us! Please tell the reader a bit about you.

My name is Christine Kjeldbjerg. I was born and brought up in the UK (British Father and Dutch Mother) and married to a Dane. I lived in Denmark from 1999-2006 before moving to the South of France, actually because my husband wanted to move away from Denmark ;) I must admit that the climate really agrees with me as I did suffer from S.A.D in Denmark.

I am a registered Nutritional Therapist with a BSc in Nutritional Therapy and an MSc in Personalised Nutrition. I have taken numerous courses alongside these including specialist training in gut health, detoxification, hormone health and nutrigenomics. I am also currently on a trauma certification. Alongside this I teach in Pilates and Barre and have been teaching classes for more than 25 years.

And what will be your focus during this Nutritional Mindfulness Retreat in February?

For the retreat I will be focussing upon explaining the synergy between the gut and brain and how nutrition (and potentially genes) impact both. This may involve explaining the impact of maintaining blood sugar levels. With a wealth of experience I offer a balanced approach to achieving optimal health.

Christine's website is:


The third practitioner joining is Annabel Rozario who is a Mind Body Eating Coach.

Please tell us a bit about you and why are you in France?

Hi, I'm Annabel from Australia, and I ended up in France by accident at first! I arrived on a working holiday, and almost immediately fell in love with the country, so I planned to stay.

I'm a Mind Body Eating coach. I take the issues you have with your diet and explore the underlying

psychology by looking at your habits and various areas of your life. It's all about looking at your life as a whole, and taking a psychological approach to help you live in a healthier way. I'm here for those of you who have tried many different ways to address the problem that you have or achieve a goal that you desire, whether it's about your weight, eating habits, energy levels or any digestive issues, and nothing seems to have worked. Alternatively, I can also be of help if you are a person who knows deep down that there is a connection between your body and how you may be progressing in your life as a whole, and you'd like to explore that in greater depth and with qualified guidance. It may be that working on a block in your career path, or resolving an issue in a personal relationship, is what is needed in order for you to achieve the weight you want, or allow your body to respond positively to a new diet or lifestyle choice. This kind of work can be fulfilling on many levels, and I would be with you every step of the way.

Super interesting! And what will be your focus during this Nutritional Mindfulness Retreat in February?

My role during this retreat will be to help you understand how your psychology influences your nutrition - what you consume, how you digest and what happens in your body as a result of that. I'll be presenting psychological tools that will help you make changes to your diet effectively and optimise your digestion, so you can achieve your goals in a sustainable way.


The fourth fantastic person is focused on the movement in your body.

Meet Julia Gilroy, Alexander Technique and Learning Methods teacher.

Hi Julia, please introduce yourself to the curious reader.

My career as a professional dancer prompted my interest in body mechanics and

well-being. Dance opportunities led me to Paris, where I certified as an

Alexander teacher in 1999. During this period I also began studying with David

Gorman as an apprentice and attained my certificate in LearningMethods (an

evolved form of Alexander Technique) in 2007. At present I work as a freelance

practitioner around Cannes and at the health clinic at PNSD in Mougins. (Pôle

Nationale Supérieur de Danse).

I am an Alexander Technique and LearningMethods teacher. Both methods put

into question how you move and how you think you should move and how this

may compromise your physical and emotional health. This is generally

overlooked by the medical profession.

What will be your focus during this Nutritional Mindfulness Retreat in February?

My work helps you recognise the deep connection of your physical coordination

and functioning with your thoughts and emotions and gives you the tools to

make this connection more constructive. Individual sessions will be based on

‘table work’ which releases tension and encourages the parasympathetic system

(rest state) to take over from the sympathetic state (fight or flight state).

Group sessions on harmful postural habits show how they can lead to injury

(tendonitis, indigestion, back pain, migraine…) and how simple it is to change

them. By integrating fresh and constructive habits you can stimulate healing,

improve your digestion and overall health.

Two principles of the technique are not acting before thinking (inhibition) and not

worrying about the final outcome (endgaining). They are integrated into the work

and are enormously calming and reassuring.

Julia's website is here:


Even though the retreat is still on the drawing board, it will be done within the closest few weeks with price and arrival day. But it is possible to show early interest which only means that I will get in contact with you as soon as I have all the details to see if you are interested in booking one of the spaces. (I will also update this post and the website as soon as the details is in place).

Theme: Nutritional Mindfulness - Nutrition, Body & Mind

Dates: End of February

Airport: Nice, France

Arrival: Sat/Sun (tbc)

Departure: Sat/Sun (tbc)

Days of classes: 5 (Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur, Fri). Each person has an individual schedule for the whole week. It will be an active week but also moments of alone time and self-reflection

Type of classes: Individual 1-to-1 for everyone with all practitioners, group classes, seminars

Included: Accommodation, transport at destination, all sessions, all meals, 24/7 assistance, individual meal plan to take home.

Not included: Flights to/from Nice.


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