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Eco-friendly Beauty made Perfect

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

By now you probably know that I'm using this blog to promote and show other entrepreneurs who are doing the same journey as myself. Other people who've made the decision to stand up for themselves, their passion and their love for something special and now dedicate their carrier to what they love the most.

I think that all of you that have done the same journey at one time in your life remember how scary and terrifying the process was in the beginning. How much psychological support and encouragement you needed. Much more than you ever thought.

It inspires me greatly to listen to all of them, to learn from them and to exchange knowledge. I think that as an entrepreneur you can always learn and be more, better, different or whatever other word you need to constant develop within yourself and keep going forward.

I came in contact with Mariana Aun when I was looking for a personal shopper for a previous potential client. This incredible, sharp and beautiful woman, inside and out, comes from Brazil and is a ball of good energy and cleverness. She is a fashion designer and this summer she launched her very own bikini line! How cool is that?

1) Hi Mariana! Thank you for taking part in this. Could you start by introducing yourself?

Hi, I’m a Brazilian living in France for the past 7 years. I graduated first in International

Relations and Foreign commerce but I changed my career 6 years ago to study fashion in

France and become a fashion designer. At present I own two companies: AUN COUTURE of

Fashion Consultancy, Personal Shopping and Custom made clothes (which has allowed me to

create custom made clothes for several different clients and also mend designer’s dresses

for famous movie stars attending the Red Carpet at the Cannes Film Festival), and the

second and most recent, NUA BIKINI, where I have developed my own collection of eco-

friendly swimwear.

2) Tell us a bit more about how you ended up in France from the beginning? I came to learn the language because it was important for the career as a diplomat that I

aimed to start after learning French, but when I finished my studies I couldn’t help the

feeling of frustration of never trying to live out my true passion, so I changed my life and

studied fashion in France where I learned Haute Couture and Image Consultancy.

3) So what kind of clients do you normally work with and how could it look like if someone

wants a design or creation done by you? (not swimwear but other clothes)

I work with men and women that are looking for an image coach or a fashion professional, I

can advise based on a color analysis, face and body type and also lifestyle and image goals.

I accompany customers on a personal shopping section where we try the clothes accordingly

and help them figure out what could fit their needs the best.

For women, I offer custom made designs, where we discuss the ideas for the garments to be created and I use my image coaching skills to give advice as to what would look just perfect to her. When all is aligned together, I develop the fashion sketch, take the measurements and after the first fitting, I deliver the custom made garments to the client.

Wow my wardrobe would really need you. One day me and my wardrobe will be your client Mariana! :)

4) Tell us more about your new brand NUA BIKINI and how did you get into the field of


I live on the French Riviera and I feel more and more the necessity of eco-responsible fashion

options to protect this beautiful nature that surrounds us. I also observed a lack of a product for curvy women so I decided I should gather these two and in respect of my personal values, I

created this eco-friendly brand, ethical in it’s production and focused on eco-feminism.

I wanted to prove that everybody has a bikini body.

The collection is entirely reversible and most of the models can be styled in many different

ways, the more ecological possible.

Photographer: Peter Horton,

5) What was the most difficult about swimwear? How long did it take from start to


The competition is the hardest part because there’s a lot of ‘greenwashing’ and a lack of

ethical production out there.

NUA BIKINI is an eco-friendly, slow fashion and independent brand and to then be able to offer a cheap product is difficult as today the industry is all about "fast fashion".

My brand is at this moment offered to a small market that is all depending a lot on the customer's conscience to develop. By choosing a bikini from NUA BIKINI you make a statement to stand up for the environment and the ethical, sustainable slow-fashion but also to stand behind the movement of body positiveness. All bodies count and all bodies are beautiful no matter the size or shape.

The first collection took 1,5 year to be ready and is an ongoing project!

6) How did you hear about Get Me Lost and how do you think you can be of service for

my customers?

I’ve seen you on Social Media and thought that I could definitely provide the Get Me Lost

clients a VIP, personalised and complete Fashion Coach Services to those who wish to visit

the best fashion shops on the French Riviera. Your clients will feel that they have been treated with the highest standard of personal shopping and/or custom made garments, all with a smile and great energy!

7) If someone wants to buy a bikini from your new line, where do they go?

We are in the process of offering our bikinis in physical shops but the collection is already

available online on our website:

(To get 15% off the price - give the code NUAGML15)

And for anyone that want to get in contact with you or to buy a bikini!

Mariana Aun

Phone: +33 (0)6 64 11 49 09

Image and Fashion Consultancy:

Bikini Shop: (To get 15% off the price - give the code NUAGML15)

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