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“You don’t take a photograph. You ask quietly to borrow it.”

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

In this post we will talk about photography! The French Riviera is full of talented photographers and I completely understand why; the beautiful scenery, incredible venues, inspiring people and a lot of happenings and events. The opportunities are endless and the flow of potential clients are.... well also endless!

Most people probably wouldn't think of hiring a photographer to have a random photoshoot for no reason at all but let me tell y'all, that is exactly the way you roll down here!

One of the photographers that took the decision to move to the South of France is the British photographer Carl Thomson Humphris and even though you might struggle to book him, as he is one busy fella, he is totally worth it! Carl has an eye for details that makes the normal dull reality turn into dreamy, extraordinary and extremely special!

It is my pleasure to introduce him to you.

1) Hi Carl and thank you for taking the time to do this. Let's start with a few seconds for you to introduce yourself and what you do?

2) What made you be brave enough and take on France, why did you move here?

I had a French girlfriend who was from Cannes and I decided to move here to live with her so I had to set up my business in France too. Best decision I ever made!

3) What kind of photography did you use to do in the UK? And what is the biggest difference

between the two countries (apart from the language) as a photographer?

I did the same type of photography in the U.K. weddings and events, I worked in and around

London which meant travel was incredibly difficult because the infrastructure is so bad. Here

in the South of France I find it much easier to get to jobs and the light is better (300 days of

sun a year) so there is much more opportunity for work.

Red dress designer: Kim Stokes at

4) How does it work when they want to book a shoot

with you, how does that initial process look like so

the customer feels secure and confident?

My assistant Callan deals with the initial enquiry, and will set up a zoom meeting usually

between me and the client. Most of my clients are international so this is the most

convenient way to have a decision about their photography requirements.

5) What is the most exciting shoot you have ever done? The one you looked most forward to

to do?

I photographed The Queen in Buckingham

Palace and she was in a room with the leaders of

53 countries, that is one job that I was excited about that I doubt could ever be topped.

6) Or the strangest one? Where you weren't prepared for what came and you just had to adapt and do a kick-ass job?

I’ve been from one side of this planet to the other and I’ve seen a lot of strange stuff. I went

to a house to photograph a kitten that was half domestic cat and half leopard I believe. The

owner bred cats like this and sold them for huge amounts of money. It was a very surreal

situation with all these caged wild cats around the property.

7) I don't have access to the photo of The Queen but we do have another funny clip from a very recent event a few weeks ago, where you photographed Paris Hilton and her little dog. I will just add that for the fun factor.

8) From one fun thing to another. I know you love photograph weddings, could you please tell me why this is special to you and what makes you the perfect photographer to hire for the job?

What’s not to love about going to a wedding? Being a wedding photographer is a privileged

position to have with a lot of responsibility. It’s a job that constantly pushes you and you

have to be many different types of photographer in one day as well as being everybody’s best

friend. From first seeing the bride in her gorgeous dress to the cake cut and first dance. I

work to capture time so those memories of the greatest day of their lives lives on forever

through beautiful photography.

9) As Get Me Lost loves making things extra special for our clients, it could be that they get to

meet you and have a session. In this case they wouldn’t necessarily know about it before and

maybe not be the kind of person used to be in front of a camera. What would you do make

them feel at ease and to get that perfect photo?

I like to have a coffee with clients before a shoot, maybe even a glass of wine just to get to

know them a bit before we start so it’s nice and relaxed. My intention is for the shoot to be a

memorable experience that my clients enjoy and would want to do again.

10) So Carl, if we have someone out there who feel that they want you to photograph their

special moment, whatever it may be. It could be everything from a proposal, an event, couples shoot, wedding day or your company has a release of a new product or your family or whatever else that they want some stunning photos to look back on with a warm heart what should

they do?

They should get in contact! As soon as possible!

If they found me here (or through Sara or Get Me Lost) they should also give this code at the time of booking: CTPGML2022 / CTPGMLWEDDING

It doesn't matter if it's for a shoot this year or in the future or whatever the theme may be. We will figure it out and I will always try my very best and get you in the calendar for the date you wish for.

Get in contact! I'm looking forward to meet with you.

Carl Thomson Photography

IG: @ctphoto23

FB: @carlthomsonphotography

Disclaimer: It should go without saying but all photos in the post is taken by Carl Thomson and belongs to him. Carl has given permission for Get Me Lost to use them in this post. Do not copy them and use them without his permission.


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